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Short Update

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 3, 2014, 10:30 AM

Hello Everybody :aww:
I hope all of you are doing well ?

This is just a short update to let all of you know that i am still alive.
I had my final exams a few weeks ago and all in all it went pretty well.
( i still have to take two oral examinations and i am kinda afraid of that but hopefully they will be okay as well )

Since i had to study quite a bit i wasn't able to take as many photos.
( moreover i am one of these people that are pretty unmotivted in general in winter :D )
I am so happy that it is starting to get warm now and that there are flowers everywhere.

When i am done with school i will have about 3 month of freetime until i am going to start studying in a university in october.
( for me it is a really weird thought that i will be living on my own in about half a year from now Sweating a little...  )
But since i am going to study a subject where i can take photography classes i hope that i will also improve my skills in photography !

Oh and thank you for all your Birthday wishes !

Well...that is all i have to say.
What about you? Any interesting news? :huggle:

Happy New Year !

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 11:13 AM

I really hope that you have spent a nice New Year's Eve

and that all of you gonna have an awesome 2014 ♥

( i filmed some heart firework for you :D )

I am really sorry that i don't spend that much time on DeviantArt anymore :saddummy:
Even thought i upload some photos once in a while i am not active at all.
( writing journals, features, polls, commenting aso. )
And to be honest i don't really know why, it's not that i am that busy or anything.
I guess it mostely is because of the fact that i am really uncreative at the moment.... but i am trying to change that !

The last year was awesome photography wise, i spent so much time taking photos and really enjoyed it ♥
Concearning real life it was a really boring year, nothing special happened at all, life just went on as usual.

Next year will be different, i will take my exams and finish school !
That's a huge step for me since i will go to an university afterwards and i will have to move out from home.
I kinda decided what i want to study ( something concearning media ) even if i am not 100 % sure about it i will try it !

Well that's all.

I mainly just wanted to thank all of you for being a big part of my life this year and supporting me :tighthug:

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Shaped Bokeh ( Tutorials and Feature )

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 25, 2013, 6:09 AM

Since i got asked a lot how i do the shaped bokeh photos i decided to write a short journal about it :aww:
I won't write my own tutorial since there are already a lot of great tutorials out there and i do the absolutely same thing :D

First some "normal bokeh" tutorials :

Bokeh in Macro Shots Tutorial by Jules1983  Photography tutorial - Bokeh by Nariscuss  Bokeh tutorial by lieveheersbeestje          

            and the Wiki Article :

most important facts :

            - aperature as big as possible -> small number ( i use the canon 50mm 1.8 )
            - some sort of light to create visible bokeh ( e.g. christmas lights )
            - put the main subject as far away from the lights as possible

How do you get the bokeh in special shapes?

How to make bokeh by KatherineDavis  Shaped Bokeh How-To by YellowEleven  Shaped Bokeh Tutorial by BlackCarrionRose…                        …                               


most important facts :

            formula for the size of your hole :
            focal lenght / aperature number = size of the hole in mm
            example : 50mm / 1.8 = 27,28mm
            ( it's always better to make it a little bit smaller )

Don't want to cut The shapes out yourself?


             since i am lazy i bought a bokeh kit from ebay :…
             It's not cheap (got even more expensive since i bought it ) but very useful
             Another well known site to buy a bokeh kit is :
             You just have to decide if and where you want to buy a kit yourself :aww:

             Another tip : you can print bokeh shapes on transparent paper :…
             Here are two templates :
             ( you can also create them yourself with photoshop or sth. similar )

Any more questions? Please ask ♥

Small Feature

Making Miracles by JeanFan  Lilly Bokeh by Lady-Tori

Timeless love ... by aoao2  Prophecy by Sortvind

My Magic World by lemon66  .: A m b e r :. by Nariscuss

The Wet Net by JVarriano  keeping by detail24

So pretty ! by Kara-a  Breaking Free by Kara-a  There Is Always Hope by Kara-a


Donator Feature- Thanks !

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 1, 2013, 8:54 AM
Thank you so much everybody :huggle:

:heart: :iconkreatress: :heart: :iconf-oxes: :heart: :iconcrescentwing23: :heart: :iconkowwalska: :heart: :iconmichaelaforbus: :heart: :iconx-xspitfirex-x: :heart: :iconadrrar: :heart: :iconsamalander75: :heart: :iconicepaw99: :heart: :iconsabbathsibby: :heart: :icongoldenthunderbolt: :heart: :iconratabago: :heart: :iconcocooue: :heart: :iconbluemoon15: :heart: :iconfullmoon74: :heart:

Flette Formal Outfit - Edited by Crescentwing23 Acid Rain OC by Crescentwing23

Blue and Gold by michaelaforbus Dazzle by michaelaforbus

Loken Sunset by x-xSpitFirex-x Day Dream In Blue by x-xSpitFirex-x

Lovely Leaves by adrrar Mountains by adrrar

Lucky Lily Pads by Samalander75 Dragonfly by Samalander75

Wolf 2 - Ballpoint Pen by icepaw99 XephosCat - Ballpoint Pen by icepaw99

Corvus monedula I by SabbathSibby Untitled by SabbathSibby

Azure Sun Orchid by Ratabago Bee-eater Pride by Ratabago

frozen. by Cocooue Eternity. by Cocooue

Chip by bluemoon15 bubble bubble boil and truble by bluemoon15

 Ice Floe in the Sky by FullMoon74 Old Time by FullMoon74

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Drowning in Beauty II.

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 9, 2013, 10:58 AM
It has been so long since my last Feature ^^; sorry about that

Oh and thank you so much for 3500+ watcher :tighthug:

But now enjoy some awesome works :
Please :+fav:

A Red Path by helios-spada
oo.oo.oo by zeenon Dream the Last Dream by MarsiaMS
Making the most of it by isotophoto
keeping by detail24 Prophecy by Sortvind
The Visitors by kkart
in this sweet.... by impatienss space by winnichip
Acid Attack by JoniNiemela

I have an idea! by Meireis
SoftFox by thrumyeye-Autumnal dreaming- by Janek-Sedlar
Solitary Bee on Mint VIII by dalantech
Dandelion I by FlexDreams Swan on an evening lake by AlesGola
African Bush Viper by imthecustomizer
Arctic Redpoll by nordfold Basilisk by Zaratra
Fashion Summer v.9 by Serrgeon
Rainbow Panda by darkcalypso Emerald by xOronar

Erkanmatik 2013 05 by ErkanKalenderli Two birds by dreamlogica
Seven Deadly Sins: Greed by KlairedeLys
Motherland Chronicles #23 - Dive by zemotion Love floats by Healzo
Vacant by jfb
Washed away by cloduy Remember. by andokadesbois

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Video of my Cat

Journal Entry: Sun May 26, 2013, 6:34 AM

Just a little video with all kind of clips of my cutie :heart:
Have fun watching :meow:

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3000+ Watchers : Thank you / Free PS Actions

Journal Entry: Wed May 22, 2013, 10:37 AM
When i checked my Stats yesterday and noticed that i already got past 3000 watchers ! :heart:

I am so grateful to every person that even views my works and of course i am even happier if they appreciate them.
I know that i am really inactive in things like answering comments, notes and taking the time to appreciate the work of others.
But please don't think i am ungrateful for all of that, because that's really not the case.
On the contrary, your compliments really encourage me and make me smile !

I am kind of trying to figure out what i want to do with my life after i finished school and of course i have to get good marks to
leave as many options open as possible. I hope you do understand that.
I am still taking photos ( which you probably know ), since it's a important time for me to just take my dog and
go for a long walk searching for pretty flowers or ladybugs or just sit in my room for hours trying to take pretty photos.
Unfortunately all the things around it, like answering comments and questions get a little to less attention from me.
I really encourage you to ask twice or even more often if i don't answer you ! I won't get annoyed or anything like that.

I guess that's enough talking. :D
For now i really don't have the time to do a watchers Feature or another contest.
As a little present all of my PS Actions will be free from now on.
 I know there aren't many and it's not much, but that's the only thing i could think of doing for you.
If you have another idea what i could do to thank you you are more than welcome to tell me :huggle:

There is a free Download Link in the description of each action !

Natural Retouch - Photoshop Action by Kara-a  On Fire - Photoshop Action by Kara-a

Soft Vintage Photoshop Action by Kara-a  Black and White Photoshop Action by Kara-a

Golden Glow Photoshop Action by Kara-a  Blue Photoshop action by Kara-a

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Winners : Macro Contest

Journal Entry: Sun May 19, 2013, 11:04 AM
Thank you so much everybody :heart:
A lot of you participated and there were so many amazing photos !
But i had to decide and here are the winners :la:

You will receive your prizes within the next day

First Place : MarcosRodriguez : :clap:

Hpider by MarcosRodriguez

One Eye On You by MarcosRodriguez blob by MarcosRodriguez Always on the wall by MarcosRodriguez

Second Place : OliviaMichalski :clap:

Piled up with water. by OliviaMichalski

Little hopes in the stormy sea. by OliviaMichalski Water's necklace. by OliviaMichalski Little diamond. by OliviaMichalski

Third Place : lindahabiba :clap:

fire drop by lindahabiba

retro drop by lindahabiba Like the sun by lindahabiba Yellow drops by lindahabiba

Honourable Mentions : :clap:

Explosion by Sarah-BK  

Y i n - y a n g by GiuliaDepoliART   Secrets by dansch

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Drowning in Beauty I.

Journal Entry: Sat May 11, 2013, 10:59 AM
Private investigations by werol
Sleepwalking by AndrisBarbans Glacier Sunset by MatthiasHaltenhof.:Coccinella septempunctata:. by efeline 
Gruccione by FrancoBorsiWildLife Facing the sunset by BogdanBoev
Treasure Island by MarvinDiehl
Out of the Mist by Mashuto Two beautiful dolphins under wave by Vitaly-Sokol
Immature Little Owl by WNPhotography
Acid Attack by JoniNiemela Basilisk by Zaratra
Peaceful Magic Hour by johnchan
White Shadow by Lupinicious Emperor penguin by laogephoto

HOPE by scumpi Wintry Blue Reflections of Mont Saint-Michel - HDR by somadjinn
Fisheye Sunset by torivarn
Cwmbach - Mountain side by F-Lagerdahl Rosy dreams by wihad
Scattered by Fragile-Eyes-Fiction
Lost in between by aoao2 maybe i never learn to smile by bwaworga
Kitten Cocktail by hoschie
Samba by kyokosphotos release the demons lost inside of us by TheSameLie
What has been by cloduy On the top. by OliviaMichalski
Sina by unfrozenduck
Flowers in a Bulb by cloduy R a i n t o u c h e d by MarcoHeisler
Mining Bee III by snomanda
Marsh tit by Stefania-R Magical by xOronar
Jumping Spider by BenjaminPuppel
Love beneath the showery clouds by iNeedChemicalX Pink by xOronar

Candle by etheraiel --^-- by AlexGrifo
New York City by Durdenyr
the curse by felixheru .:Burrowing Owl III:. by RHChengUntitled by lisans
Morning crying... by MartaC Almost G by assincr0n0
Acceleration 1 by Nightline
Every Clover has a Silver Lining by Sarah-BK lufig by lichtfaengerin

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Macro Photography Contest ( looking for prizes ) !

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 6, 2013, 2:17 PM
Photography Contest !


It's Contest Time again !

Theme : Macro / Close Up

Deadline : 10. May

Prizes :

First Place:
Bullet; Black 300 :points:
Bullet; Black 200 :points: by lieveheersbeestje
Bullet; Black 50 :points: by Paul774
Bullet; Black 15 :points: by mylittlebluesky
Bullet; Black 10 :points: by lesserdevil
Bullet; Black 10 :points: by AkuZeku
Bullet; Black Sketch by SkyLandWarrior
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Kara-a
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by serel
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by AkuZeku
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by rainylake
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Paul774
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Isalovesphotography
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by JayJayDevianArt
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by GiuliaDepoliART
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by DianaVVolf
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by lintu47
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by SimplySilent
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by FrancescaDelfino
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by ElyneNoir
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Charlivia
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by mylittlebluesky
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by PandaPearls

Second Place:
Bullet; Black 200 :points:
Bullet; Black 30 :points: by Paul774
Bullet; Black 10 :points: by mylittlebluesky
Bullet; Black 10 :points: by lesserdevil
Bullet; Black Sketch by SkyLandWarrior
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Kara-a
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Kara-a
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by serel
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by AkuZeku
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by rainylake
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Paul774
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Isalovesphotography
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by JayJayDevianArt
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by GiuliaDepoliART
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by DianaVVolf
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by lintu47
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by SimplySilent
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by FrancescaDelfino
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by ElyneNoir
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Charlivia
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by mylittlebluesky
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by PandaPearls

Third Place:
Bullet; Black 100 :points:
Bullet; Black 20 :points: by Paul774:
Bullet; Black 5 :points: by mylittlebluesky
Bullet; Black 5 :points: by lesserdevil
Bullet; Black Sketch by SkyLandWarrior
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Kara-a
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Kara-a
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by serel
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by AkuZeku
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by rainylake
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Paul774
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Isalovesphotography
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by JayJayDevianArt
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by GiuliaDepoliART
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by DianaVVolf
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by lintu47
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by SimplySilent
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by FrancescaDelfino
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by ElyneNoir
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by Charlivia
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by mylittlebluesky
Bullet; Black Journal Feature by PandaPearls

LLamas to all the winners by :
Isalovesphotography ; Paul774 ; Ducksauce-splash ; SkyLandWarrior ; JayJayDevianArt ; GiuliaDepoliART ; head-in-the-cloud ; n-Night-Star-n ; DianaVVolf ; lintu47 ; SimplySilent ; ElyneNoir ; Charlivia ; nilsxys ; akio-stock ; aki-o ; MacabreSlabre ; Ozkyks ; Tiny-Worlds-Photo ; mylittlebluesky ; lesserdevil

I am still looking for prizes. I would be really happy if you can offer something :heart:
Please leave a comment with what you can donate !

Rules :

Bullet; Black Please :+fav: this journal
Bullet; Black Photography only
Bullet; Black Only real macro/close up photography
Bullet; Black Old and new photos are accepted
Bullet; Black 2 entrys per person :aww:
Bullet; Black Please send me your submissions via note !
Bullet; Black Your submission will be added to a special folder in my favorites called "Macro Contest"
Bullet; Black If i don't add your submission in this folder within the next days please note me again.
Bullet; Black You are allowed to change your submissions but please write that in a note
( include the submission you want to replace too ! )
Bullet; Black HAVE FUN ! :la:

Examples :

   :: s h i n i n g :: by hellfirediva   The Winter Dream by nnIKOO

Welcome Spring by Kara-a   Difference by Kara-a   Natural Artwork by Kara-a

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Winner of Little Feature Contest II.

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 26, 2013, 9:31 AM
Thank you so much to everyone that participated :huggle:
All of your Features were very beautiful !
But i had to decided and the winner is :
GiuliaDepoliART :clap:
with this Feature
Monochrome portraits - feature
In black and white photography, light is the true storyteller.
It describes a character, a place, a feeling.
True photographers know its power, and know what to show - and what to hide - through it.
This is a small collection of black and white portraits. 
I really hope you'll enjoy these amazing works! 
If you do, consider faving this journal to spread the art.



How Long Can You Love by bitterev just a little boy by zznzz Fireflies Morning by Kasperionis
springtime by pivan

Bullet; Black All the photos fit together really well !
Bullet; Black There are a lot of beautiful works :heart:
Bullet; Black the theme is well implemented !
Bullet; Black The Feature has an interesting design :aww:

Honourable Mentions :


Vertical Limit by mheuf unity by PsycheAnamnesis
unbearable lightness of being by farbanomalie In My Arms by catch---22
Longing by Embize
autumn by liutawras Dead Winter Days III by Mar-jus 0257 by Lissuin Crystal by Al-Baum
Detached by Gironimo Winter Memories by DREAMCA7CHER
FormsMostly black and white feature.

 Mountain snake 2 by Bojkovski Thou Art Puny by batmantoo 
loud silence by BelcyrPiotr The last ferry by KirlianCamera 92 by acukur

Never by acukur :thumb337042953: Pipe by MarcinFlis
Lines by hateom Die Weschnitz by feigenfrucht La-foradada by jmgago85

Javana Highland by Hengki24 BW Pelvoux by gastonnerie mountain dance by Hengki24
Skull Island by RobertoBertero Magnetic Moment by sciph An Aura of Mystery by RobertoBertero
scary mountain by sultan-alghamdi Black and White by Stridsberg No. 24 B+W by ChlorineBreath
Ocean Mountains by BenHeine black and white landscape 2 by biggoofybastard La Forteresse Onirique _ Study BW by alexandre-deschaumes
mountain by PiaG Somewhere in the mountain by etchepare The way... by vincentfavre
Elephant by Arkus83 Atreus BW by CandiceSmithPhoto Meerkat by Arkus83 ::kindness of humanity...II :: by HarisDrako
BW Feature here!

Dog by rookiehwm
hidden smile... by Kaarmenguardian by Kaarmen
Tired Knight.... by denis2
White And Black by DavidNowak

Here is your feature :heart:

Winter l i g h t s by GiuliaDepoliART

Admiring S i e n a by GiuliaDepoliART   D e t a i l s by GiuliaDepoliART   And d a y s went by by GiuliaDepoliART

The k i n g by GiuliaDepoliART

I d e a by GiuliaDepoliART   L a d y b u g by GiuliaDepoliART   S p o i l e r by GiuliaDepoliART

B l u e river by GiuliaDepoliART

N a p time by GiuliaDepoliART   Long l i f e by GiuliaDepoliART   Highest h o p e s by GiuliaDepoliART

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Beauty Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 22, 2013, 1:07 PM
Some of the beautiful works i discovered within the last weeks :heart:
Please :+fav: if you like the journal.
Now enjoy :

Without You Here by MyLifeThroughTheLens

Tarucus balkanicus by lisans   Sping picnic 2 by mitazu08   * by Pete1987

Johanna Sunrise no.3 by JacquelineBarkla

A nanosecond before.... by hoschie   Ready. . . by mitazu08   Pamuk by hoschie

Zero Wind by erezmarom

Common Kestrel I by OrangeRoom   Just give me a reason... by OliviaMichalski  

Elements by mibreit

Water Bubbles by xLindarielx   Snowy III by Fr34kZ  

Fun Time In Our Secret Neverland 2 by perigunawan

I am sailing stormy waters by iNeedChemicalX   Emotion by mo-ten   Pastel Succulent by FauxHead

.:Little Sparrow:. by RHCheng

Fireworks peacock by Jona25   icy beach by mescamesh   RF oren - pic by kamal by kamal87malst3n

Field by MariannaInsomnia

Small Loophole by Roguellgreen   Colorful moment I by Karisca   Img08776 by tigerelune

Spring talking by JunJun510   Short-Tailed Weasel 3 by Les-Piccolo   Stand out in all the green by lieveheersbeestje

Tit by pepapigo

Soft love by xOronar   They Saw Angels (From a Balance Beam) by goRillA-iNK   Wish Lake by helios-spada

Untitled by lisans

Eternal Sunshine by incolor16     Arctic Symphony by Lupinicious

Leaf-cutting Bee - Megachile albitarsis by ColinHuttonPhoto

afraid of heights by ersatz-moon     

Cutest animal ever again! by Seb-Photos

Day 10 by cloduy   kropka by szczwanylisek   Water drop on a leaf 1920x1080 by vinumathew

Church From the Frozen Beach by steverankin

Firework by MD-Arts   New Era. by OliviaMichalski   Gluttonous. by andokadesbois

Short-eared Owl Relaxing by ClaudeG

NATUREL DEGRADE by lisans   .:: Spring Time ::. by Whimsical-Dreams   Slurp by Sblourg

Eyes of Fire by erezmarom

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Free Commissons / Partner Photography

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 11, 2013, 11:25 AM
Hello everybody !
I have school vacations in 2 weeks for 2 weeks and since i don't have anything special to do and
since i am not really creative at the moment i had an idea :la:

1. Free Commissions
I always wanted to try that.
You will be able to request a photo of me and i will dedicate it to you and send you the original fullsize photo.
You are free to use it for your personal use :aww:
( please consider my possibilities and don't be sad if the photo doesn't turn out that great ._. )

2. Partner Photography
I couldn't think of a better name ^_^'
This mainly means, that we decide on a theme together and then take similar, fitting, or whatever photos !
If you want to my photo will also be dedicated and send to you.

For now i just want to know who is interested :heart:
Please comment if you are interested and of course include if you want to get a free commisson or do a Partner Photography.

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Small Feature Contest II.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 10, 2013, 12:20 PM
Your Task : produce a Feature about the theme ( easy right? :la: )
Theme : Black and White

Prize :
50 :points: and a Feature by me

Deadline : 23 March

Some Rules :
:bulletblack: :+fav: this journal
:bulletblack: everybody can join :aww:
:bulletblack: of course you have to consider the theme !
:bulletblack: Share some love and have fun :heart:
:bulletblack: winning twice in a row is not possible

Criterias for judment :
:bulletblack: Overall look
:bulletblack: Concept
:bulletblack: Is the theme recognizable ?
:bulletblack: Do you take a lot of time to find fitting deviations or are you just looking at the popular deviations ?

How do i do a Feature? :

How To : FeaturesSince i get asked a lot how i create my Features i decided to write a short tutorial about it, i hope it will help some of you :
1. Feature
What we want to create :

Of course you can add a lot more photos ! ( Example : )
The html code :
<da:deviation id="312488093" width="600">
<da:deviation id="328534872" width="200"><da:deviation id="309814893" width="400">
- the first part (

Why are you doing this? :
:bulletblack: i want to encourage people to do Features :happybounce:

Entries :

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Winners of Small Feature Contest I.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 10, 2013, 5:56 AM
Thank you so much to everyone that participated :huggle:
All of your Features were beautiful !
But i had to decided and the winner is :
nari-me :clap:
with this Feature
Pastel Coloured Plant Squares FeatureHurray! I'm doing a feature at least, Kara-a motivated me with her little contest c: so, my dear watchers and visitors, for all of you, I collected a bunch of pastel coloured plants in square format. A really long theme, but there are so many great works out there so I had to specify it. Hopefully you'll get it as "colour themed" feature, Kara-a! (:
Buds and Blooms by micky3846 sometimes its a blue dream by kyokosphotos Like a sunny day by Invi-Light I do remember... by Fra-Emer Sincerely Yours. by micky3846 4629 by mitazu08 almost summer by tjasa Green by myuneko626 Soft by MateuszPisarski As a nenuphar... by kim-e-sens Tranquil by ntpdang lonely by odelagt :thumb173187031: please say you remember by LuizaLazar VI by sandrawiklander Sticks. by micky3846 Vijelie by a14onymus Cone rain. by OliviaMichalski VII by sandrawiklander Legend by henwen In C by Al-Baum le chardon bleu by kim-e-sens V by sandrawiklander speckled by kim-e-sens :thumb271990461: Nature's tears. by mylittlebluesky Sea Green by mj-magic :thumb277

Bullet; Black The overall look ist really beautiful !
Bullet; Black There are a lot of beautiful, underappreciated works :heart:
Bullet; Black the theme is recognizable and well implemented

Honourable Mentions :

Red and White Feature

Red on white: REDUX by VespaholicRed and White by S-t-r-a-n-g-eDROPLET - Touch of Red by onewordphotored spot by PermlidNow touch me, baby. by FerlugosiGotta catch them all by ellir-paour independence 4 by casseybunnSquare by designaliciousBalloons by Kara-aBottled Colours - White by Cute-And-BrightMilk drops 02 by ovidiupop
Red by LadyMisunderstoodKiss the Stars by Kameolynn
A hint of colour - featureA small collection of pictures where the colour is the detail, and the detail is the protagonist.
Enjoy :heart:




Autumn in Winter by RonnyEngelmann -Love dont know the death- by Janek-Sedlar
Snow White's Stitching Up The Circuit Board by TheFoxAndTheRaven
-Bardo- by Janek-Sedlar The Last Trip of Charter Boat Sally by xBassxHarmingx
Kiss. by shinymavis
My entry for Kara-a's Feature Contest :aww: 
The Power Of Colors.Colors are so powerful. Power is strength. Strength is shown in saturation. And saturation is color.
Colors are wonderful.
Enjoy this little compilation of the power of colors!

577897 by aleksandra88June by Zhivago86
13 by annashakina
- Behind the Trees - by ldinami7el a d y l a c e by SaphoPhotographics
nature by maaaxxxi

Themed Feature - Complementary Colours in NatureComplementary colours are those colours in the colour wheel that are opposite each other. Starting with the three primary colours you get the combinations blue & orange, red & green and yellow & purple.
Bullet; BlueBullet; OrangeBullet; BlueBullet; OrangeBullet; BlueBullet; OrangeBullet; BlueBullet; OrangeBullet; BlueBullet; Orange

Feature Contest - Theme: ColorHere is my result for the feature contest organized by Kara-a

A Sweet Day... by Aeternum-Art The Real Love by Miss-NiNiNa
Fresh raspberries by nomatterwhy
Rose Of Glory by InLightImagery Dream Ride. by magnesina
just be here by ivadesign img0334 by tigerelune
Lavender by Lady-Tori

And here is your Feature :heart:

Week [9] - S P R I N G by nari-me

' bohek ' by nari-me  from books you get knowledge by nari-me  ice cold breath by nari-me

too late by nari-me

Week [4] - endings by nari-me  the climb by nari-me  Week [3] - olives? by nari-me

and still hungry by nari-me

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Macro Nature Contest : Winners

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 10, 2013, 4:18 AM
Here are the winners of OliviaMichalskis and AljoschaThielens Macro Nature Contest.
Congratulation :clap:

First Place : alexgphoto :clap:

Round and Round by alexgphoto

Reflections of Autumn by alexgphoto  The Soft Touch of Spring by alexgphoto  Pink by alexgphoto

Second Place Lasiu7 :clap:

Tiny spider by Lasiu7

Chapel by Lasiu7  Lazy Cat by Lasiu7  Sleepy Cat by Lasiu7

Third Place PawelMatys :clap:

Lost by PawelMatys

  When evening falls by PawelMatys  Winter light by PawelMatys  A kind of magic by PawelMatys

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Watchers Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 9, 2013, 11:49 AM
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Here is a little thank you for my watchers :tighthug:
Thank you very much for your support !

Enjoy :heart:

Neko the Lucky Cat by SquitopusEmote Stamp by Ducksauce-splash

out of this world by djali84

honeymaker by Paul774  Psathyrella duo by emessis  fire in the clouds by linderel

You keep on saying you'll be mine for a while, ... by PassionateLovestory

Fin de l'Opera by Lizzie-Bitty  Reminds me of Summer by Blueberryblack  Brass Lantern Corps by Lil-Hawk

Sometimes people are beautiful... by TheJoanaPADJ

Stories to tell... by emeraldeyesx3  Pondering Dimensional Doors by analillithbar 

Colorful Sunset. by CryingSoulGirl

daydreams by sandeepsarma  The Eye of Lilith by Elehanne  Sweetie 2 by SabasReflection

In Bloom by PassionAndTheCamera

Grimpette by Blossom-Lullabies  .:Kiriban - Bluefirewings:. by Felcia 

This Better Be Good... by shademist030

Baby lilly by tyronmcd  Pink rose with bokeh 2 by FrancescaDelfino  Dragon Beauty by Beholdentolove

Flamingo by wiwionart

07/52 Heaven is in sight by WeirdNight  Fun With Watercolors 2 by purrsiffhell  Panda by n-Night-Star-n

Winter by Symphonyy3

Skyfall by Isalovesphotography  Skeet by Devil-TheDeviant  Let's celebrate. by mylittlebluesky

All that time she was silent still by EugenieA

To Keep You Warm My Friends by MayEbony  Dream by MadRacer  Should I Make a Tit Joke? by bluemangoimages

Love blueberries. by Dolceparanoia

  Winter Winds by skyberries 

Tranquillity by Moohoodles

Winter Winds by skyberries  Cat scratchboard by thehugsmonster  roar by of-the-skies

Locked Out by musicismylife10027

  Spooky Old Mansion by TheMan268  Forever by SageFillyLuna

Amazing Adda (Fire Reflection) by PaulVonGore

Kairi by Skysofdreams  Eyes by TheRaainn 

and still hungry by nari-me

Poeykeats by JuliaGraceArts  Bring Me to Life by MouseMakesMess 

Be smart, be different. by Neaffka

A new hope. by Retaediamrem  Catch An Idea by Redanshy  The Greatest Alicorn by Citron--Vert

Psychedelic Microcosm by xLindarielx

Care by TheRafflesia  Fullness by OlMountainWoman  Polymer Clay Dirigible Plum Earrings by CharmStop

. : Para-para-paradise : . by Nephire

Warrrrrrrrr by RezzanATAKOL  friesian joschi square - mane in the wind by Nexu4  Summer. by Watersmoke

He shines in you. by OliviaMichalski

Awaiting the opening by LoneFury  Street Signs by FullMoon74 

Spain by Daywalker18

Tender by SouloftheSky  Forest's Secret by serel  Crystal Ball by photofreak385

Oregon Sunset by adanielescu

  M.y. ~ S.k.i.n. by YumeNox

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Color Feature + Thank you !

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 6, 2013, 10:09 AM
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I got my second Daily Deviation :happybounce:
The 6 months, that have to lie between 2 DDs, just passed and there is already a new one :squee:
To be honest i have photos i like more, but of course i am still really happy !
Thank you lapis-lazuri for suggesting it and Kaz-D for featuring it :huggle:

Different Point of View by Kara-a

Oh and i have exactly 2500 watchers :happybounce:
( and i will do the watchers Feature (… ) next weekend, sorry for being so lazy :saddummy: )
Thank you so much ! This really means much to me :aww:

And now a little color Feature :
( if you do one too you can win 50 points and a feature : Little Feature Contest )
Enjoy :heart:

    Black Tree by Menoevil    Serenity by YOSHIMETAL

    Universe by Fra-Emer    Supersonic by MichaelMagin

Stillness V by Jules1983    Hush by incolor16    purple... by BaxiaArt

H u n t e r P i p p a by Anark8    Water Drops 41 by ovidiupop    Taking a stroll by Healzo

Citrus Sunshine by kayaksailor    Reflections of a blossom by Pamba    Signs of Spring by charliesmyangel

...Before You Leave VI... by JoannaRzeznikowska        Shiny rainbow ... by aoao2

Phoenix of Autumn by Teakster    Colorwaves by Fra-Emer    Ephemeral by ScorpionEntity

Smokey rose.. . by addy-ack    Mosque II by IsacGoulart    sweet flower times by kyokosphotos

Let it snow.. by ShadowinLight    Thinking Of You by incolor16    World Of Sleepers by MaaykeKlaver

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Talented People ( 6. )

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 2, 2013, 1:30 PM
Here are the previous journals :
Talented People ( 1. )
Talented People ( 2. )
Talented People ( 3. )
Talented People ( 4. )
Talented People ( 5. )

Now please enjoy these beautiful photos :heart:
And please :+fav: this journal so that more people will read it.
As always you are welcome to suggest me people for the coming features !

guszti132 :clap:

Coffee splash cup by guszti132

fruits in the water by guszti132   orange sorbet by guszti132   fruits_x3 by guszti132

JacquelineBarkla :clap:

Johanna Sunrise no.3 by JacquelineBarkla

On the Other Side by JacquelineBarkla   Eclipse Time Lapse -tips incl. by JacquelineBarkla   Burning City by JacquelineBarkla

MartinAmm :clap:

magic meadow by MartinAmm

catcher in the fog by MartinAmm   last light by MartinAmm   Parnassius apollo by MartinAmm

Sblourg :clap:

L equilibriste by Sblourg

Eutamias sibiricus XXXII by Sblourg   Yo by Sblourg   Slurp by Sblourg

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#BeAttentive : Best of the Week 3.

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 27, 2013, 1:18 PM
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Vitamin Sea by Oer-Wout

  Fragile...V by JoannaRzeznikowska  

Pink by alexgphoto

Better Together by alexgphoto   sweet sunset by BaxiaArt   My ugly face by diensilver

liverleaf by MartinAmm

Interference by Pete1987   Neptune's Compass by simonebyrne   * by Pete1987

146 by Bulinko

grandeur by sandeepsarma   Cheat River Canyon by jonathanjessup   Orange Lacewing by LydiaRhianne

Winterglow by MarcoHeisler

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