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Submitted on
December 23, 2012


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Big Thank You Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 23, 2012, 3:26 AM
As most of you know, me and dragonfly-oli are holding a Ladybug Photography Contest.
Both of us never expected that there are so many gorgeous people here on deviantart. We received a lot more donations, than we expected :

Thank you so much ! ♥

'Bee 2012 #6' by DavidPanther

"Blooming 2012" by DavidPanther     "Last Cloud of the Sunset" by DavidPanther     Ready to take off by lieveheersbeestje

Kiwi cup by lieveheersbeestje

Captured in dreamland by lieveheersbeestje     Come through by AljoschaThielen     Lucidity by AljoschaThielen

Encountering A Matutinal Lightshow by AljoschaThielen

A Macro-Study in Snow by snuglyPanda     A Moment Between Seasons by snuglyPanda     Icy Sphere by snuglyPanda

Time to say goodbye by PawelMatys

When evening falls by PawelMatys     Dancing in the light by PawelMatys     At Last.. by LUCILALEYLA


Maria Bonita by LUCILALEYLA     Something old by head-in-the-cloud     Closer to ocean by head-in-the-cloud

Never ending story... by head-in-the-cloud

Breathing by Ashqtara     Little Geisha by Ashqtara     Day Twenty-Eight - Bad Idea by Ashqtara

Fragile by fruitpunch1

Happy by fruitpunch1     Drop by fruitpunch1     T H A N K   Y  O U by Zayoon

Summers' Sun by Zayoon

One Million heart by Zayoon     Seedgun by MarcosRodriguez     darts by MarcosRodriguez

The Meeting by MarcosRodriguez

Black Dragon by Astralseed     Day Breaks by Astralseed     green'n'white by Blubdi-Photography

moon over cologne by Blubdi-Photography

under prepared by rieadd     loin d'ici by rieadd     Bad News by Nilanja

O is for outnumbered by Nilanja

Port Lincoln Parrot by MayEbony     Jonathan Livingston Poser by MayEbony     snowflakes by hayzy

sweet taste by hayzy

Winter Wonderland by serel     Pristine by serel    

Disneyland Christmas by Phantwigurl     Disneyland Matterhorn by Phantwigurl     Lake Louise II by yangosplat

Tucked Behind the Hills by yangosplat

Upper Horsetail Falls by sunnyraina4     Yellow by sunnyraina4     Eurasian Eagle-Owl by rainylake

Curiosity by rainylake

        Is anybody there? by Fra-Emer

Far away by Fra-Emer

Setting Fire to the Sky by Kostandina     On the other side by Kostandina     _secret world by luckydesigns

hide and seek by luckydesigns

Unlock by Astrikos     Deep by Astrikos     Until the end. by mylittlebluesky

Blooming. by mylittlebluesky

        Summer's lullaby 14.14 by DorottyaS

Keep the wonder by DorottyaS

        B l u e river by Tawara753

Lovely a u t u m n by Tawara753

Drops of a Leaf by Child-of-Minerva     Let Me Help You... by Child-of-Minerva     Day Sky: Cloud Practice by Esvandetta

Sushi and Onigiri: Kani and Ichigo by Esvandetta

Woman. techniquew practice. by tinta-estudio     Boi. technique practice by tinta-estudio  

If i forgot anybody please comment or send me a note ! ♥

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Astrikos Feb 6, 2013   General Artist
I am so late, but let me just say thanks again. :tighthug:
You're so amazing.
awsome pictuers nice work so lovely XD
Fra-Emer Dec 24, 2012  Professional Photographer
Thankies for the feature! :heart:
Kara-a Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
You are very welcome ! :heart:
Thank you for helping us out with prizes ! :aww:
AljoschaThielen Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for the feature and I wish you a Merry Christmas! :)
Kara-a Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
You are very welcome :hug:
But i have to thank you for donating something for our contest :meow:
Thanks again ! It wish you a belated merry christmas too :D
Zayoon Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for the pretty feature , and best of good luck for you Kara and Olivia

Kara-a Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
You are very welcome :huggle:
Thanks again for helping us out with prizes ! :aww:
LUCILALEYLA Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow!! my dear Kara, amazing features :love: :clap:
thank you so much for adding my work with these amazing artists :iconelegantbowplz:
It was a pleasure to be able to help little bit :heart:
Kara-a Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
You are very welcome dear :huggle:
But i am the one who has to thank you :heart:
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