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Questions and Answers

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 24, 2012, 1:59 PM
I said i would do a Q & A, so here you go ^_^
If someone still has other questions you can write them as a comment or send them via note and i will add them
( i am sorry about any llinguistic or grammatical errors )

1. What's your real name? Where are you from and how old are you?
My name is Vanessa, i live in germany and i am 17 years old ^_^

2. When did you start taking photos ?
To be honest i don't really know. I got my DSLR camera in spring 2012, around this time i really took a lot of photos. Of course i had a normal digital camera before that and i often took it with me when i went out, but i hated my old camera..... it was so frustrating >__< That's why i bought a DSLR camera soon after taking a real interest in photography even though it was a lot of money for me as a student.

3. When did you start taking  macro photos ?
Similar answer : i don't know an exact date, but i started soon after getting my reflex camera. I loved all the photos i saw here on deviantart and everywhere else and just wanted to try it and i noticed that i really like to get close to things and view them in a different way you normally do. ♥

4. How did you start to do photography ?
Well.... maybe because i was looking for a hobby. I was never good at things like drawing or making music and i am too lazy for sports, so photography is perfect for me.
Or it just lies in my genes : D My mother and my father both were interested in photography when they were young.

5. What camera equipment do you currently use?
A lot of people think that i have a lot of expensive equipment but they are totally wronge ^_^ I am a stundent so i don't have enough money to buy what i want. I use a :
- Canon EOS 1100d (EOS Rebel T3)
- Canon 18-55mm Kit Lens
- Canon 55-250 mm Lens
- Closeup Filters ( no special brand, i paid 20 for 4 of them )

6. Have you ever tried doing portraits or landscapes? or simply something different?
Yes i tried a lot of different things, i often take photos of landscapes or wild animals, but i don't really upload them here since they aren't good ^^' A thing that i never tried are portaits since i don't have any models .___. Maybe i could do some Selfportaits but i don't have a IR timer so it is difficult do do that.

7. How do you get inspiration for your photographs?
I love to go out with my dog to get inspiration. Beside that i also love to look at other peoples work to get inspired. ^_^

8. School and photography don't come along well in terms of time management how did you make time for photography or doen't it effect each other ?
To answer that question i have to say that photography is my hobby and school is my "job". Of course school comes first even if that means that i can't take photos for a while. At the moment it is quite annoying, i leave home at 7 am and get home at 5 pm. When i get home it is dark outside and i can't take photos. I guess somehow i am lucky because i don't have to learn as much as others do have to, to get good marks, so i can use some of my freetime to take photos : )

9. Are your waterdrops really just water?
Yes ! I don't add anything to the water.

10. How do you get such round drops?
Use small drops and put them on water-repellent objects, that is the best way to get a round drop.

11. How do you apply your drops?
That depends on the situation. Normally i use a syringe with a really small opening (you can see it here) . My mother always complains about a syringe laying around : D
For the spidernet photos i just spray water since it is easier ^_^

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PeterStringer Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student Filmographer
Thanks for the Q&A as it gave us a better picture of the artist ;).

What are you studying at the moment? Myself I'm doing a degree in Illustration and Animation (joint honours) at Cambridge School of Art in England.
CryingSoulGirl Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Schön, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast all die Fragen zu beantworten =)

Und ich lag mit meiner Annahme richtig: Wir besitzen tatsächlich fast das gleiche Equipment =P
Ich kann auch die Canon 1100D mit der 18-55mm Kit Lens mein Eigen nennen und habe auch Closeup Lenses für lediglich 20€ bei mir rumliegen :happybounce:
Barn0wl Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
Thank you very much Vanessa! And, as I commented on your tutorial ... your English is excellent! :D
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